Texas District 2-S1Lions International


Officially formed October 1917

Dr. W P Woods, Evansville, Indiana – First International President
L H Lewis, Dallas, TX – Vice President
Melvin Jones, Chicago, IL. Secretary – Treasurer
C H Kirk, Houston, TX, was named as a one year Directory

The first meeting was convened with 36 delegates and 8 alternates.

On October 8, 1917, Texas became District 4 with the following serving as District Governors:

1918-19G M Cunningham (Houston)
1919-20G M Cunningham (Houston)
1920-21A E Booth (Beaumont

In 1921 District 4 became District 2 as a result of the International Convention in Oakland, California.

1921-22A E Booth (Beaumont)
1922-23Clyde Sweeten (Greenville)
1923-24Louis C Perry (Terrell)
1924-25R D Green (Abilene)
1925-26E P Cravens (Austin)
1926-27Fred Newman (Greenville)
1927-28N N Resenquest (Eastland)
1928-29John Echard (Dallas)
1929-30A C Kater (Houston)

At the 1930 Convention held in Austin, TX, District 2 was divided into five Districts and designated as District 2T, 2E, 2X, 2A, 2S. District 2S consisted of 55 counties and 48,888 square miles in area.

1930-31Dr. F D Fuller (Bryan)
1931-32B E Quinn (Beaumont)
1932-33Bob Lyles (Austin)
1933-34Harry C Copenhaven (Wharton)
1934-35Harry C Copenhaven (Wharton)
1935-36Nate J Brown (Port Arthur)
1936-37R C Franks (Bryan)
1937-38Jean Shotwell (Lufkin)
1938-39R Clyde Black (Beaumont)
1939-40William Offer (Victoria)
1940-41C M Miller, Jr. (Austin)
1941-42Dr. Jas W Long (Port Arthur) - resigned
1941-42Gus Whiteman (Alto)

After the 1942 Convention, District 2S was divided into three Districts and designated as District 2-S1, 2-S2, 2-S3. This increased the number of Districts in Texas to seven.

The following served as Governors of District 2-S1:

1942-43W C Steinhagen (Beaumont)
1943-44Mack J Thomas (Port Arthur)
1944-45J B Woolridge (Anahuac)
1945-46Ellis D Carter (Orange)
1946-47Wright Chenault (Livingston)

At the Convention held in 1947, District 2T was divided into 2 Districts, 2-T1, 2-T2 bringing the number of Districts in Texas to 8.

1947-48William C Edwards (Beaumont)
1948-49Pat W Jackson (Nacogdoches)
1949-50Hon Joe J Fisher (Jasper)
1950-51Edwin D Gunn (Rusk)
1951-52Fred O Mills (Monroe City)
1952-53L E Downs (Beaumont)
1953-54Allan B Caldwell (Jacksonville)
1954-55Wilber M Abbey (Port Arthur)
1955-56Dr. Thomas B Ferguson (Nacogdoches)
1956-57Joe B Redman (Beaumont)
1957-58Sam Robinson (Lufkin)

At the Convention in 1958, District 2T was divided into three Districts, 2-T1, 2-T2, 2-T3. This increased the number of Districts in Texas to nine.

1958-59Johnnie McLeod (Jasper)

At the Convention in 1959, Texas was divided into fifteen Districts. At the Convention in 1988 Texas was divided again into sixteen Districts.

District Governors who served since 1959:

1959-60Marshall Elliott* (Port Arthur)
1960-61Floyd Smith* (Hemphill)
1961-62R. H. "Buddy" Lyle* (Beaumont)
1962-63W. D. Mauldin* (Jacksonville)
1963-64Carl J. Mauldin* (Bridge City)
1964-65Leon Adickes* (Hemphill)
1965-66Bernard Klein* (Beaumont)
1966-67George W. Hardin* (Nacogdoches)
1967-68Robert E. Price* (Port Arthur)
1968-69Otto Smith, Jr* (Lufkin)
1969-70Ed P. Kelly* (Beaumont)
1970-71Chester Stout* (Carthage)
1971-72Joe Halter* (Neches)
1972-73Paul Mayberry (Lufkin)
1973-74Fred Thorton* (Port Arthur)
1974-75Perry Johnson (Lufkin)
1975-76Edward J. Noone (Beaumont)
1976-77George P. Futch, Jr.* (Henderson)
1977-78Farley M. Bowers* (Silsbee)
1978-79Raymond Lewis* (Nacogdoches)
1979-80Loyd Herron* (Orange)
1980-81Bruce Rickert* (Carthage)
1981-82Chris C. Roark* (Groves)
1982-83Kenneth Winterfield* (Lufkin)
1983-84James Smith* (Port Neches)
1984-85H. A. "Hal" Lacey (Lufkin)
1985-86Wilbert Boulet* (Port Arthur)
1986-87Tom H. Gann (Lufkin)
1987-88Capt. James K. Manry* (Port Arthur)
1988-89James A. Marshall* (Carthage)
1989-90Robert Appel (Orange)
1990-91Roy L. Jones* (Port Arthur)
1991-92S. R. "Moe" Cully (Nederland)
1992-93Frank Blackburn* (Nacogdoches)
1993-94Willie Wimer* (Brookeland)
1994-95Dr. Bubba Hirsch (Trinity)
1995-96Dewey P. Sterling* (Beaumont)
1996-97Harold Weston* (Livingston)
1997-98L. E. "Stump" Weatherford (Orange)
1998-99Lloyd E. Persons (Jasper)
1999-00Lew Vail* (Onalaska)
2000-01Doyel Chandler* (Kirbyville)
2001-02Claude Durham* (Livingston)
2002-03Vera LeBlanc (Nederland)
2003-04Vergne Gregrich (Jasper)
2004-05David Middleton (Alto)
2005-06Penny Gregrich (Jasper)
2006-07Bonita Lowrie* (Garrison)
2007-08Fred Renkema (Nederland)
2008-09Harold Yost (Lufkin)
2009-10Charles Tarver (Silsbee)
2010-11James Browning (Carthage)
2011-13Jimmy Richardson* (Kirbyville)
2013Michael Duncan Parish* (Woodville)
2014Waldo Dalchau (San Augustine)
2014-15Jack Sedtal (Nederland)
2015-16Ed Stiles (Hemphill)
2016-17Bobbie Fagan (Corrigan)
2017-18Russell Wheeler (Lufkin)
2018-19Roger Doyle (Center)
2019-20Chris Gunstream (Carthage)
2020-21Ken Jobe (Woodville)
2021-22Daniel Shank (Livingston)
2022-23Chris Kovatch (Orange)

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